Relax, swim, golf … treat yourself



Please note that our indoor pool, sauna and steam room is currently closed for maintenance. Our outdoor pool is open on a seasonal basis, and will reopen in May 2023. We do apologise for the inconvenience.


Avisford Park Hotel tennis courts

Of course, however, energetically you spend your time, you can always chill out later on in the restaurant, bar or terrace. But for now, let’s focus on working up an appetite!

If you go round our 18-hole golf course, you’ll have taken a 3-mile walk (as a minimum!) – so that will certainly earn you a couple of drinks and a nice lunch or dinner. A work-out in the fitness centre, a couple of sets of tennis or squash, a few lengths of the swimming pool – you’ll definitely be justified in choosing something from every course of the menu!

You might just choose to enjoy a beauty treatment, relax in the steam-room or sweat it out in the sauna. We won’t tell!